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New Study Finds Use Of Community Choice Energy Feasible

Switching to an alternative energy program called community choice will help the city of San Diego use more renewable sources of energy and could lower electricity costs, according to a study published this week. The long-anticipated study—paid for by the city and conducted by the firm Willdan Financial Services—will likely serve as a jumping-off point […]

Carlsbad To Share Cost Of Community Choice Energy Study

Carlsbad is the fourth North County city to agree to consider the feasibility of Community Choice Energy. Carlsbad City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to join other North County coastal cities and start exploring the feasibility of buying energy from cleaner sources of power. Community Choice Energy, or Community Choice Aggregation as it is sometimes […]

Battle Over San Diego’s Energy Future Will Heat Up Soon

The feasibility study for community choice aggregation, completed by Willdan Financial Services, has found the renewable energy option to be feasible in San Diego. “We’re moving full speed ahead to reach our ultimate goal of using 100 percent renewable energy citywide, and this study shows we have the ability to get there. This analysis underscores […]

‘Community Choice’ Could Provide Cheaper, Greener Electricity for San Diego, Report Says

A government-run alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric could deliver more green energy while costing residents and businesses less money over time, according to a report released Wednesday by the city of San Diego. The document sparked the latest round of jockeying by environmentalists, fiscal hawks, backers of investor-owned utilities and others, with each group espousing […]

North County Report: Several Cities Are Exploring Energy Choice

Whether it’s for the environment or cost savings, five North County cities are looking buy their power from an entity that is not SDG&E. Community choice aggregation is the system that allows cities to choose where they get their electricity from. SDG&E is the local generator and provider, and it decides how electricity gets generated, […]

Community Choice Energy: The Power of Competition

Community Choice Energy — also known as Community Choice Aggregation — offers us the chance to bring about a historic event: the conversion of a monopoly into a competitive business. This happened to the telephone business by breaking up Ma Bell, and to the postal system, when FedEx started up. Would we have the data […]

Five North County Cities Consider Community Choice Aggregation

Five North County cities are studying whether to contract with different energy providers to increase the amount of sustainable energy they use in a program called Community Choice Aggregation. Encinitas is the most recent city to vote to share the cost of a feasibility study. Community Choice Aggregation would allow cities to buy energy independently […]

Encinitas to Help Research Community Choice Energy Plan

Encinitas will pay for part of an estimated $100,000 study to determine whether setting up a regional alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric is a good idea, the City Council agreed this week. During June 28’s lengthy meeting — the last before the council’s month-long summer recess — the panel also gave its initial […]

What Do You Get When You Sign up for a 100% Green Electricity Plan?

For the first time, residents and businesses up and down the state can buy electricity plans touted as “100 percent green” in their quest to fight climate change or simply be more environmentally friendly. They can enroll in these programs through California’s three major investor-owned utilities — San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison […]

SDG&E’s Power Moves Have Fended off Energy Choice Efforts across San Diego

Three times in the past 30 years, local governments in San Diego have tried to unseat San Diego Gas & Electric as the region’s power monopoly. Three times, SDG&E has outmaneuvered local politicians with a combination of political spending, lobbying and savvy negotiating. Now, SDG&E faces another round of competition from local governments across the […]