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Old Tire Plant in Hanford Gets New Life, and Electric-Car Buyers Could Be Interested

Faraday Future plans to make luxury electric cars in the old Pirelli tire factory in Hanford. The Los Angeles-based start-up company announced Monday that it had signed a lease for the 1 million-square-foot manufacturing plant. Hanford “offered us a facility with all the infrastructure in place to help improve our time to get cars out […]

Solar Power Shines across Produce Industry

As fruit and vegetable grower-shippers build more sustainable business models, they are turning increasingly toward the sun for help. Solar panels have been popping up across the produce landscape for several years. “One hundred fifty acres of our largest ranch are dedicated to a solar farm, operated by Pacific Gas & Electric, which supplies all […]

Clean Energy Programs Could Bring an Economic Boom

Gov. Jerry Brown painted a picture of California Thursday morning. In that painting, he described a state ravaged by forest fires, disease and mass migration if lawmakers fail to renew the state’s signature program to fight climate change, which he called “a threat to organized human existence.” Brown is pressing lawmakers to extend California’s cap-and-trade […]

Community Choice Energy Programs Projected to Generate at Least 8,400 New Jobs and $845 Million in Local Economic Growth in San Joaquin Valley by 2024

A study released recently by the Center for Climate Protection and Fosterra Clean Energy Consulting finds that California’s San Joaquin Valley could enjoy significant economic benefits by establishing Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs and pursuing local renewable energy projects. Looking at three counties—San Joaquin, Fresno, and Tulare Counties—alone, the study estimates that, conservatively, the region […]

Center Releases Report on Community Choice and the Economic Impact of Buying Local Renewable Power

The purpose of this report is to provide information to city and county leaders in the Central Valley to assist in evaluating CCE for their constituents. The report supports Community Choice entities in realizing the vision to be game-changing innovation platforms, and to take strategic steps today to become increasingly competitive in the dynamic energy market of the future. To accomplish this, CCEs must perform differently than Investor Owned Utilities.

Electric Cars Aren’t Just a Big-City Thing. That’s What Put a Charge into This Rural Project

Thirteen free-to-use charging stations for electric vehicles have opened in Fresno County’s rural cities. Every incorporated city in the county now has a place to charge a car. The latest launch didn’t happen in Fresno or Clovis, both of which already have charging sites. The new chargers are fueled by photovoltaic solar cells, which are […]

Kings Largest Solar Farm Proposed

An application to build a 2,527 acre, 250-megawatt solar farm is being processed by Kings County. It would be the largest photovoltaic project in the county. Called Westlands Aquamarine, the plan being proposed by the company, Westland Solar Park, is south of the Avenal Cutoff on the north side of Laurel, both east and west […]

Central Valley Invests in Clean Buses, Clean Air

In California, we’re headed toward a clean transportation future — and our buses are helping take us there. Across the state, millions of Californians depend on buses operated by more than 100 public transit districts to get to work, school, medical appointments, houses of worship, and recreational activities. One state policy is giving transit providers […]

Light of the World: SJ churches embrace solar power

STOCKTON — The flowers in the garden at Church of the Presentation in north Stockton are as colorful as ever, but it’s the deep blue solar panels atop the church’s red-tile roof that might surprise visitors these days. Presentation is the latest local faith community to go solar, with a 535-panel system that could virtually […]

Earth Day: Improving Air, Water Is ‘Urgent Necessity’

Earth Day, the world’s largest secular holiday and the only event celebrated by more than a half-billion people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities, is sponsored by many national and international organizations. In his official proclamation, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand cited the following reasons for declaring Saturday, April 22, Earth Day in Fresno: “Earth Day, […]