Community Choice Energy on the Agenda in Stockton

City Council Legislative Committee Receives Presentation

On November 5th staff from the Center for Climate Protection delivered the first formally agendized presentation to the Legislative Committee of the Stockton City Council. The committee asked questions for more than a half-hour after the 25-minute presentation.

The matter is now expected to be heard in the full city council on December 4th where the Legislative Committee will report to the council on Community Choice Energy. Following the hearing in the City Council, an informational study session may be scheduled for some time in early January.

Barry Vesser addresses Stockton City Council Legislative Committee members (L-to-R) Jesus Andrade, Dan Wright, Elbert Holman.

Also coming up in Stockton, the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley will be holding its quarterly Governing Board meeting in Stockton on Friday, December 7. The Center will be on that agenda for a full presentation on Community Choice Energy.

Stay tuned to CPX for more information on both of these dates as they approach.

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