Explore Community Choice Energy Again

The Fresno Business Journal recently ran a story discussing a survey conducted in the Central Valley about electricity. The results? A large majority of registered voters in the area want a choice in where their electricity comes from, and want it to come from cleaner sources.

The demand to choose where our energy is generated should come as no surprise to those familiar with Valley voters past history on the subject. In the mid-2000s, leaders in the region led a pioneering effort to create what would have been the first community choice energy program in the state.

The economic downturn played a large role in the demise of that early effort. Community choice is a local not-for-profit electricity-service provider.

When the area’s investor-owned utility sponsored Proposition 16 in 2010, which would have made it more difficult for local entities to form community choice energy agencies, voters statewide turned out and said no. Guess what? Much of the Central Valley voted against it as well.

The verdict is clear: Valley residents want a choice in their energy. With four successful programs up and running in the state, it’s time our elected officials explore community choice energy once again.


Explore Community Choice Energy Again, by Erik Cherkaski, The Fresno Bee, September 17, 2016.
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