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Clean Power Exchange introducing new content: The Climate Center’s Rapid Decarbonization Initiative

Since 2016, Clean Power Exchange (CPX) e-news has built a solid reputation for sharing news and information about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and other significant clean energy developments in California. More recently, with the launch of our Advanced Community Energy (ACE) initiative, our e-news has grown to encompass a broader perspective with inclusion of more news and information about decentralized energy resource development, community microgrids, and other energy topics not directly related to CCA.

A big part of the purpose of creating the CPX e-news was to help build the CCA movement in California. With over 150 cities and 20 counties participating in 20 CCAs and growing, and with the ever-increasing power of the California Community Choice Association advocating CCA interests in the regulatory and legislative arenas, it can be argued that the movement has largely been built – mission accomplished!

CPX will continue to cover CCA and ACE-related news, but in 2020 we will broaden our scope to include The Climate Center’s flagship campaign, the campaign for rapid decarbonization. With climate impacts hitting harder and faster, the time we have to act in ways that meaningfully address the core of the problem, GHG emissions, is running out. The goal of the Rapid Decarbonization for a Climate-safe California campaign, launched in late 2019, is to enact by 2025 in California the bold policies required by science to be on track for a safe climate by 2030, securing a vibrant, equitable, and healthful future for all.

Key components of the campaign include:

  • Ensuring a just and equitable transition;
  • Achieving by 2022 a formal commitment by the State of California to carbon neutrality by 2030 and net negative emissions by 2035;
  • Create 100% clean, distributed, resilient energy & storage by 2030;
  • Embarking on a formal phase-out fossil fuel-powered vehicles beginning in 2025 with a goal of 80% sustainable (carbon-free) mobility by 2030;
  • Sequestering 100+ million metric tons of additional CO2e per year through healthy soils and vegetation management by 2030.

To learn more about the campaign click HERE for a brief overview, and to download our full prospectus as a pdf document, click HERE.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change graph included in this blog is that body’s best collective effort at projecting what it will take for a 50% chance for a pathway to limiting warming to 1.5 degrees celsius by 2100. Will this be enough? The global climate crisis is an emergency with the highest possible stakes: the future of life on Earth. The gradual progress that has characterized the climate movement to date is woefully inadequate and we are running out of time to avoid long-lasting and/or irreversible impacts. Starting now, not decades from now, solving the climate crisis must be the top global priority with every government, organization, business, community, and individual. Therefore, CPX will be incorporating this priority more prominently and frequently into its standard fare. The time is now for more ambitious climate action in California, serving as an example to inspire and move the rest of the U.S. and the world.

Please share your feedback and interest in partnering together by emailing the Rapid Decarb team at:



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