Letter: Paradise can reinvent itself as green city

The Camp Fire firestorm just made our climate crises personal: Paradise Lost, 56 dead so far. Paradise City Council members are talking about lowering building standards to rebuild faster.

Buildings in Sonoma where Santa Rosa suffered a similar fate two years ago, is just now beginning to rebuild. According to licensed contractors, it will take about two years before any building starts. Sonoma 350 are about to get their City Council to commit to rebuild green and all electric, no gas, via solar — just as I believe Paradise should do. Climate change induced droughts are creating a perfect storm for more devastating wildfires to come. As Gov. Jerry Brown said last Sunday, this is the new abnormal, and these fires are caused by climate change.

Starting 2020, California building codes require all new residences and small apartment buildings  to have solar installed. Why should residents be required this and not government buildings? Currently our new laws SB 100 and SB 2045 put 2045 as the deadline to go 100 percent clean energy and carbon neutral, but the UN’s latest report gives us just 12 years. Climate crises cannot be mitigated without drastic and vast changes. Over 100 cities around the world are already doing this — including a town in Kansas, Greensburg, that rebuilt totally green energy after a supercharged tornado destroyed it a few years ago.

Why not Paradise? Why not transform this tragedy into an opportunity for Paradise?

— Mary Kay Benson, Chico


Letter: Paradise can reinvent itself as green city, by Mary Kay Benson, Chico Enterprise-Record, November 15, 2018.

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