Local Group Lays out Strategies for 100% Clean Energy Communities

How can communities quickly transition from using fossil fuels like natural gas and gasoline to clean energy like solar and increase efficiency? The North Bay Clean Energy Forum, a local non-partisan civic group composed of technical, business, and public policy professionals in the energy industry, has released a new white paper describing specific strategies to rapidly make this switch. The group envisions that most of the strategies would be implemented by Community Choice Energy agencies such as Sonoma Clean Power.

The white paper, entitled Data Driven Path to Economic and Ecological Sustainability: A Roadmap for Community Choice Innovation, identifies transformational data-based strategies such as assessing energy use in local buildings; making buildings carbon-neutral or “Zero Net Emissions,” meaning the renewable energy the building generates plus the renewable energy it receives from the grid is equal to or greater than the energy it uses; and conducting pilot studies on game-changing technologies such as heat pumps that use natural refrigerants.

The paper describes the unique role that Community Choice Energy agencies can play to enable local communities to transition from natural gas towards renewables.

To download the paper, click here.

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