New Energy Choices for Silicon Valley

September 17, 2014, Sunnyvale, CA

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This set of videos is from an educational forum attended by local policymakers that featured Community Choice Energy programs in California. The forum addressed how Silicon Valley can control energy costs, introduce choice and competition, and accelerate the switch to greener power. Presentations were given by top Community Choice Energy experts including representatives of the California Public Utilities Commission, Marin Clean Energy, and Sonoma Clean Power.

 Short speaker biographies
Slides from presentations
Lessons learned from Marin Clean Energy – Handout from Jamie Tucky, Marin Clean Energy

1. Forum review – Rod Sinks, Vice Mayor, City of Cupertino (0:26 min)


2. Opening – Ann Hancock, Business for Clean Energy; Kara Gross, Joint Venture Silicon Valley; Steve Tate, Chair, Cities Association of Santa Clara County, and Mayor of Morgan Hill (Slides 1-4) (9:34 min)

3. Consumer Choice in Energy – Joe Como, Director, Office of the Ratepayer Advocate, California Public Utilities Commission (12:39 min)

Community Choice Energy Programs in Operation

4. Sonoma Clean Power – Geof Syphers, CEO (13:20 min)

5. Marin Clean Energy – Jamie Tuckey, Communications Director (Slides 5-18) (11:44 min)

6. Pursuing Choice – CleanPowerSF – Barbara Hale, Assistant General Manager, SF Public Utilities Commission (13:35 min)

7. Implementing Choice, A Regulatory Perspective – William Maguire, Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission (Slides 19-29) (9:03 min)

8. Morning Q&A (18:49 min)

Updates from Local Agencies

9. Melody Tovar, Regulatory Programs Division Manager, City of Sunnyvale (Slides 30-40) (6:35 min)

10. Kerrie Romanow, Director of Environmental Services, City of San Jose (3:58 min)

11. Frank Maitski, Deputy Operating Officer, Santa Clara Valley Water District (1:46 min)

12. 10 recommendations for starting a Community Choice Energy Program – Geof Syphers, CEO, Sonoma Clean Power (Slides 41-51) (22:42 min)

13. 5 recommendations for elected leaders – Shawn Marshall, Former Mill Valley City Councilmember & LEAN Executive Director (Slides 52-53) (15:40 min)

14. Water Agency’s role in starting Community Choice and lessons learned – Cordel Stillman, Deputy Chief Engineer, Sonoma County Water Agency (Slides 54-60) (9:35 min)

15. Top governance issues and risk concerns emerging CCAs must address – Steve Shupe, Deputy County Counsel, County of Sonoma (Slides 61-88) (21:08 min)

16. Afternoon Q&A (31:05 min)

17. Forum wrap – Jeff Byron (12:10 min)

18. Bonus: Cleaner Energy, Lower Cost – Why Community Choice (3:25 min)


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