Stockton Community Outreach Specialist

October 2017 – The Center for Climate Protection (Center) seeks a qualified individual interested in serving as a part-time “Community Outreach Specialist” contractor to advance Community Choice Energy in the City of Stockton as part of its statewide Clean Power Exchange program.

Program Description

The goal of San Joaquin Valley Clean Power Exchange (CPX) is to establish a Community Choice Energy agency to serve Stockton business and residential customers. The CPX program marries two critical issues, climate protection and social justice, and emphasizes information sharing via the Clean Power Exchange website.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or five or more years of relevant experience
  • Reside within the city of Stockton

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Well connected in the community, including Stockton elected leaders and city staff
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • Experience in public policy advocacy
  • Experience and/or demonstrated knowledge of energy policy

Key roles and activities

  • Working closely with Center for Climate Protection staff,
  • Track activities in Stockton related to Community Choice Energy
  • Represent the Center and the CPX program to local elected officials and government staff
  • Note your association with the Center/CPX on matters related to Community Choice Energy
  • Attend city council meetings and make presentations, as appropriate
  • Write articles/blogs on a regular basis on topics related to Community Choice Energy
  • Use social media to build support for Community Choice Energy
  • Provide updates to Center staff at least weekly about relevant developments including news articles, Stockton city council agendas and/or minutes, business communications, etc.

Desired Qualities

  • Inspiring communicator – able to make the case for establishing Community Choice Energy in a constructive, positive, non-partisan, non-political way
  • Well-networked with a wide spectrum of community leaders and organizations
  • Savvy in social media and willing to tap personal social network in Stockton to support the effort
  • Politically attuned, credible, responsible, upbeat, well-organized, and emotionally intelligent
  • Communicative and responsive with the Center’s CPX team
  • Able and willing to make a commitment to the work through June 2019
  • Willing to become knowledgeable about Community Choice Energy

Location: The contractor will be expected to have their own resources in place to work from their location in the Stockton community


Please note this is a contract position. Please include your standard nonprofit hourly rate in your cover letter. Applicant should expect a contract commitment of one year consisting of roughly 20 hours a week on average, although some times may require more or less work.

How to Apply:

To apply for Stockton Community Outreach Specialist, please complete this form and attach a cover letter and resume.

Position open until filled.

The mission of the Center for Climate Protection is to inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate crisis. Through Clean Power Exchange, we accelerate the establishment of Community Choice Energy programs in California, and advance best practices in doing so. Be part of a statewide movement to democratize energy, build local power and the local economy, accelerate the shift to renewable energy, and protect the climate.



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