Top Industry Professional Endorses South Bay Clean Power Business Plan!

The latest accolades for our South Bay Clean Power Business Plan come from respected power industry professional, Kent Palmerton.  From 1985 to 2000, Mr. Palmerton held diverse management positions at the Northern California Power Agency NPCA.  After five subsequent years working for Williams Energy and Constellation Energy in Vice`President and Directorship positions, Mr. Palmerton recently completed a 10`year engagement as General Manager of the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority, a JPA of California Irrigation Districts serving retail electric load in PG&E’s territory. Kent has also been an active participant in the CCA industry: his company Power Choice, Inc. bid and won the right to serve San Francisco’s first CCA initiative, and subsequently bid on several other CCA service RFP’s.  

Click here to read a copy of the endorsement letter.

Top Industry Professional Endorses South Bay Clean Power Business Plan!, by CREATIVEGREENIUS, South Bay Clean Power, May 17, 2017.


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