Transitions at the Clean Power Exchange

Dear Clean Power Exchange subscribers,

Thank you for being a subscriber to The Clean Power Exchange e-news! CPX was created in early 2016 to help build and strengthen the Community Choice Energy movement in California. When we started there were only three CCAs up and running in California. Now, with over 20 operational agencies serving over 11 million customers and a statewide Community Choice association growing in statewide political and regulatory strength, we at The Climate Center, the parent organization of CPX, feel that the CCA ship is sailing strong, and have decided that the purpose of CPX has largely been fulfilled.

First, don’t worry, we are not removing information and features, we are moving them to our main website, where most of the key features of CPX will still be available, including our news and webinar archives, the resources pages, and the interactive map.

CPX e-news will continue to be published until December 10, which will be the last edition as CPX e-news. After December 10, updates and info about CCA activity around the state will be shared in a Climate Center hosted platform. Note: the geographical divisions will be eliminated and we will post the top CCA stories from around the state to all subscribers.

Like CPX, the new CCA news will come out every other week on Thursdays. All CPX subscribers will be automatically subscribed to The Climate Center news. Just like the choice architecture of CCAs, you don’t need to do anything if you want to stay on board. If for whatever reason you would prefer not to keep receiving our e-news, you can opt out at any time with a few mouse clicks.

Some of our accomplishments over the past five years:

  • Built a subscriber base of around 2000
  • Produced over twenty CCA-related webinars
  • Hosted five well-attended Business of Local Energy Symposia between 2014 and 2019 in different parts of the state
  • Served as an informational resource for a wide variety of stakeholders

We invite you to explore The Climate Center website, especially our flagship campaign, Climate Safe California. If you like what you see, we invite you to endorse the Climate Safe California campaign.

More than anything else, all of us on the CPX team and The Climate Center, want to express our deep gratitude to all of our readers, users, subscribers. We’ve appreciated your feedback, suggestions, and guest blogs along the way. So, THANK YOU!

And a hearty thanks to all of our partners and sponsors who have made it possible.


Woody, Nina, Stacey, Ann, Barry, and Ellie

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