Keeping Community in Community Choice Energy: Webinar #8, 3/21/2018

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Newly forming Community Choice agencies (CCAs) can launch with a minimum of legally required community and prospective customer notification. Or they can engage in robust, proactive, meaningful outreach and communication with the many stakeholders in their communities. Conversely, community stakeholders can engage proactively or adopt a passive observer role and take what they get. In either case, which approach, engagement, or minimal engagement, produces the better CCA? Join us to explore this question.

Our presenters for this webinar are Erika Morgan of the California Alliance for Community Energy (CACE) and the San Diego Energy District. Erika will present the highlights of a recently released CACE report: “Guide to Creating State-of-the-Art Community Choice Programs.” She will also outline community advocacy activity in San Diego County and other parts of southern California.

Jessica Tovar is the lead organizer of the East Bay Clean Power Alliance, the organization that has spearheaded robust interaction with the newly emerging East Bay Community Energy CCA. She is also a member of CACE and was involved in producing the Guide mentioned above.

Support for the Clean Power Exchange program provided by the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation.

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